The Evolution Of The BookingSync Logo


It’s exciting times at BookingSync. We recently announced our official re-launch: the release of new features -- Full Property Management and Rates Management -- additional, powerful tools to help vacation rentals hosts and agencies manage their rentals, as well as partnerships with Roomorama and HomeAway.

We also announced a re-branded web interface and new logo, thereby saying goodbye to our previous logo and design and a piece of BookingSync history. So, before we plunge forward into the new year, we would like to take a moment to reflect on our logo’s journey and trace its evolution.

1. 05 January 2010 -- CalendarSync

Back in 2010, BookingSync Founder & CEO Sébastien Grosjean was running a vacation rental business in Lefkada, Greece. The ability to keep portal calendars synchronized and updated automatically, from one central platform, was a nagging problem. Like many vacation rental owners and managers, he was in search of a tool to help deal with these issues. Séb decided to build that tool. Thus, he set out to develop what would become BookingSync. The first version included availability management and portal synchronization. Both features are anchored by the calendar, which in turn inspired the Calendar Sync logo.

2.14 August 2012-- Cloud

Calendar management and synchronization are core pillars of our product. These early features paved the way for a vacation rental software with wider capabilities. We made bookings management easier, added payments tracking and online payment acceptance, and launched automatic contracts delivery. The world of BookingSync grew beyond the calendar and portal synchronization. We sought a logo that captured the essence of this new world: more versatility, increased flexibility, and greater extensibility. The Cloud tied all these new elements together.

3. 17 December 2014 -- Smile

The new BookingSync logo, Smile, is a stark change from its predecessors. This change is representative of our company on a whole:

Earlier this year, we raised our first round of investment, more than $1MM USD from 160 investors in five different countries. Our team has grown to 10+, working in countries across the map -- France, Greece, Poland, Bali, the U.S. And we’ve expanded the reach of our customer base to over 90 countries.

In short, we’ve gone from a one-person shop, bootstrapping and writing code, to a funded startup with a passionate international team. Indeed, this is change we’re happy about :). But why the Smile?

BookingSync is a global company and a global product. As a testament to such, our team speaks nine languages including English, French, Greek, Spanish, Macedonian, Polish, Serbian, Croatian, and Bulgarian. Likewise, our customers come from a myriad of languages, cultures, and customs. A constant across all these different backgrounds is a smile. No matter the language, a smile is easily interpreted.

In this sense, a smile, the universal sign of happiness, is what connects all of us. For, if we work happy, we will be productive. If we’re productive, the vacation rental owners and agencies that use BookingSync will be happy. Thus if we work happy, our customers will be happy, which at the end of the day is BookingSync’s goal.

Smile :).