New BookingSync User Interface Released


Back in January of this year, we introduced an updated look for BookingSync: a new logo—the Smile—and website re-design.

If the new look changed up our house’s exterior, then the remaining work to be done was an interior re-design, that is, a revamping of the UI/UX of the BookingSync software itself. 

To this end, I participated in Tech Beach 2015, an intensive 14-day product re-design event run by Surf Office—a Lisbon, Portugal-based co-working and co-living space for location-independent operators. 

With the Tech Beach designers, I spent the full two weeks in Lisbon working towards not only an improved product user experience, but also a product that more fully brings to life the feeling, ethos, and spirit of BookingSync.

And now, less than a month after attending this event, I'm pleased to inform you that a BRAND NEW BOOKINGSYNC INTERFACE has been released!! 

You will rediscover the features you like with a more modern, intuitive and user-friendly design. No doubt it will make your BookingSync experience even more enjoyable!  

Here are the main improvements:

  • The menu, which replaces the upper menu bar (tabs), is now on theleft side, to bring much more visibility on the screen. You will find Preferences on the left side too, just click on “Manage account”.

  • Calendar colors changed for better readability. The confirmed bookings are now displayed in BLUE, and tentative bookings in ORANGE. The bookings from external portals are not in PURPLE anymore but in BLUE, ORANGE or GREY depending on their status, along with a padlock to inform that the periods are locked. 
  • The calendar appears up to 3 times faster!

Comment on your bookings!

From now on, any person accessing the account can add or edit comments in the booking popup. These comments can also be shared with the cleaning staff or kept private.

Finer details on bedrooms and bathrooms!

Transport your guests to their dream vacation rental before they even arrive! You can more precisely define the fixtures you have in your bedrooms and bathrooms in the rental description.

Manage the damage deposit!

Easy! Define the damage deposit amount in the "Rates" tab of your rental. Then select the option of your choice, whether you want to charge it along with the booking payment or on arrival.

Stay tuned, great stuff is coming soon!!!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by sending a message to or just respond to this email.

Hope you'll enjoy!

Séb & your BookingSync Team