Importance Of Photography For Your Vacation Rental Activity


Choose the photos that illustrate your vacation rental is absolutely essential to trigger reservations.

Moreover, stunning photography draws attention, which will entice the vacationer to see your ad, ask rental informations and why not book directly.
Quality photos are a really important asset to highlight your apartment or house for rent, and will ensure a real gain of traffic to your ad.


Preparing your home for the photo shoot

When preparing your home for a photo shoot, we must first remember that you have to give the vacationer want to live there, the time for a few days or weeks.
This requires that the vacationer can feel at home in the house or apartment, even before he set foot there.

Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • This requires that the premises are clean (of course)
  • Prefer a bright day, sunny and avoid maximum artificial light
  • Also make sure that the parts of the house are the most "neutral" possible not too personal (but also that they are what type of vacationer who is your target heart looks for)
  • Make sure that the parts are the least loaded as possible,

The photo shoot

Nowadays, expert cameras are becoming very affordable and smartphones realize for some excellent photos.
Pay attention however, framing, composition and choosing the right lenses (wide angle) to showcase your property, are still reserved for professional photographers.
Airbnb offers free photo shoot by a professional, do not hesitate to enjoy this service available in most countries and cities worldwide where Airbnb is present.
But photographs taken by a Airbnb photographer, remain their property, you will not be able to use them on other platforms.
Other alternatives available to you, finding a local photographer or eg using the startup Meero, which allows you to get 12 professionnal photos for 75 euros HT.

The order of the pictures in your ad

Which photos show first when you make a portfolio of your house or apartment?

  1. First, consider providing a full view of the house (or the living room to an apartment), its best angle. This photo should capture the look of the holiday to make him watch other photographs.
  2. You can then offer a view from the residence, to show future guests all the fun they will have to live.
  3. Continue with a photo of the main living room of the house: this is where tourists spend most of their time, so this is a place of importance to them.
  4. Remember the pictures of the bedrooms and shower rooms: clean parts reassure holidaymakers future, they appreciate being able to see firsthand the quality of hygiene of these parts.
  5. Complete with all the extra amenities of your home or apartment (swimming pool, billiards, veranda ...)

Do not be stingy in terms of pictures, most platforms allow you to propose several dozen for each dwelling.

We advise you to present each piece of the housing, so that the traveler has a complete vision. You may even consider for large properties, to add to your photo gallery a house plan to better realize the distribution of parts.
A study by FlipKey found that travelers are 83% more likely to contact the housing advertisements that contain more than 20 photos.

With experience, do you have other tips to share for successful vacation rental photos?
The beautiful photos in this article are from the Villa Gregory, our client