Meero: An Affordable Professional Photoshoot


The young startup Meero was created in early 2014 for a purpose: making indoor photography accessible to all.

We recently dedicated an article to the importance of photos for your vacation rental activity, in which we share tips and tricks for successful photos of the property you are renting on short-term. Today we want to go one step further by presenting the service startup Meero, with a bonus discount for your first photo shoot.

The services of a professional photographer are usually made on quotes, depending on the area of the property to photograph, the number of parts, not including travel and retouching.

Meero is simple :

  • Order your photo shoot
  • Meero selects an available photographer who comes to the shoot
  • 24 hours after the shooting, you have access to your photos!

All photographers selected by Meero, meet a predefined specification, ensuring an optimal and consistency in your photos and catalog of goods.

How much does it cost ?

Meero to decided to establish a single price, light and affordable, regardless of the size of the property: 75 euros HT for 12 photos.

After the photo shoot :

You can select 12 photos included in your package and download high definition

If other photos interest you, you can download (each additional photo uploaded is billed individually)

BookingSync & Meero partnership

We have established a partnership with the company Meero, allowing BookingSync customers to benefit from a discount on their first photo shoot Meero controlled.
Benefit from your first session and 65 euros HT instead of 75 euros HT