Book : Advice From A Top Host Airbnb For A Better Vacation Rental


Published on April 28th, 2016, Les conseils d’un Top Host Airbnb pour mieux louer  (Advice from an Airbnb Top Host for a better rental) is a must-have for every vacation renter as Romain Giacalone, the author, explains every aspect of the vacation rental from the renter’s point of view whether they’re working with Airbnb or not.

It is, for now, only available in French.

By reading the title, you may be wondering what a “Top Host” Airbnb is. A Top Host is a host who received a national Airbnb award (Top Host Awards) rewarding their involvement in the Airbnb community and towards the travelers.

Before being a Top Host, Romain Giacalone was first elected Superhost – but what’s the difference ?

To become a Superhost, you need to follow several criteria :

  • To have hosted travelers on at least 10 different occasions during the past year

  • Answering to at least 90% of the travelers’ requests in less than 24 hours

  • Receiving at least 80% of 5-star ratings

  • Never cancel a booking !

Romain Giacalone and his wife at Paris Airbnb Open November 2015

With this experience as an awarded host, Romain then decided to start writing a book that could help future or existing hosts in the vacation rental sector.

Eager to share his advice, Romain addresses a great variety of subjects in his book, such as:

  • The communication between the hosts and the travelers is a primary issue! For every automatic message sent by the platform, an additional private message is also sent. This way, communication is personalized and the hosts can better target the vacationers’ expectations

  • Local recommendation. To a traveler, you’re much more than a simple host! They wish to know your tips, your habits… in order to live a true experience, just like the one you’re living daily

  • The importance of pictures, which are a real showcase for your property, as much as the importance of the order in which you arrange them

  • The emergence of business travelers in the sector, whose expectations differ from vacationers

  • The Airbnb algorithm that manages the ads and their order of appearance in your researches – don’t underestimate this variable if you wish to improve your visibility

  • The necessity to adapt yourself to new technologies. Don’t settle for simple emails or calls but start using Facebook, Instagram, Line, WhatsApp, etc. as new ways of communication and tools to make your rentals popular !

You’ll find a free extract of this book on the official website here, in French:

You can buy the book (paper or Kindle) on Amazon : and on Archambault :

Les conseils d’un Top Host Airbnb pour mieux louer is the ideal tool if you wish to go into vacation rental in depth or start your own business – or if you’re simply curious to know more on the subject!