Why Text Matters For Your Vacation Rental Listings


The proverb may say a picture is worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t make your listing’s text any less important. In this article, we’ll detail which key points could turn your text into a catchy listing and hold the potential customers back!

Internet is filled with pictures and ads, so catching the readers’ attention isn’t always an easy task. You’ll need to target your offer and make it powerful and precise at the same time. Know how to select which details you should insist on and which ones you can put aside.

For example, does your property have a private access to the beach but no AC?

Some details need to be highlighted in the description itself -private access to the beach- while others can be relegated to a position of secondary importance, such as Amenities -no AC.

Here are some points that could help you make the difference in the travelers’ eyes:

1° Know and analyze the other offers

Before to write your listing, start with reading what the other owners in the same geographical area have written.
Which details did they highlight? What do they insist on, which points do you notice the most?
Put yourself in the vacationer’s shoes and ask yourself why your property should be selected instead of another one.
However, be careful not to copy an already existing text! Google may not like it…

2° Appeal the users

Your property may be charming, but the users won’t know it unless you work on your text details. Get inspired by travel sites, build a story a vacationer is looking for:
“Discover a secret side of Paris”, “Explore the hidden Alps with your family”, etc. Do not (or rarely) shorten words; don’t forget you’re talking to private travelers, not professionals!

3° A catching title and a concise text

Along with the pictures, the title is the first thing a visitor will see when reading your listing. Paying attention to it is a must-do: always prefer a title such as
“Spacious loft in the historical center, stunning view”
Rather than
“Large apartment in city”
Furthermore, filling in the blank fields available on the vacation rental websites will help reduce your text so that you can focus on what really matters. Be concise; target the information you think is interesting and practical without losing the reader after too many paragraphs!

4° Proofreading and updating

When you’re done writing, ask your relatives to proofread the listing. Looking at things from an outside perspective is always positive and who knows, they could bring new ideas to your text!
Now, the listing may be online but it’s not over yet. Update your pictures and the activities that are available depending on the seasons (skiing and snow during winter, hiking and sun during summer, for example).

5° Adjust your listing to the travelers’ questions

When renting your property for the first time, you may have not had the occasion to face the travelers’ questions yet. You could often hear the same questions being asked again, which means important information is missing to your text. Your listing isn’t written in stone; it must be living and gaining information as you go along with the bookings.

Update your listing and save time!

What about you, which tips would you like to share with us?