Delegating Your Vacation Rental Ads Writing


With some of our previous posts, we explained how important the text describing your property, the pictures illustrating the ad and the storytelling are if you wish to get the best out of your business listings.

This is where the vacation rental’s midpoint is: how to attract travelers and how to make the difference.

A great listing’s key points :

  • Use your property’s best “killer shot” for your thumbnail picture

  • Choose a short and engaging title in order to create your own environment (avoid full caps, special offers in titles, etc.)

  • In the 1st paragraph, start settling the atmosphere created in the title and make sure to add a unique selling proposition (such as “Best view in NYC”)

  • Remember that you’re writing for the readers, not yourself. Adapt your text tone and style to the targeted audience!

  • Reduce your text size to minimum sentences. Add subtitles, be simple and concise

If, despite the advice we previously shared with you, you still don’t know how to go about it the right way, or if you simply don’t have the time, this article is for you!

Just like with photos, and the startup Meero it is now possible to delegate your vacation rental ad’s writing thanks to GuestHook

What does GuestHook offer?

  • Share your history and goals with their team and they will implement a content strategy targeting the desired travelers

  • A professional text is as important as professional photos. A quality content allows you to make the difference in today’s expanding market

  • A text that highlights your pictures and allows your guests to project themselves onto what they see

  • The possibility to write descriptions, website copies, blogs and insider guides that captivate the atmosphere and image you would like to see associated with your property

  • To make customer relations easier thanks to personalized and informative newsletters and inquiry emails

GuestHook works on analyzing and determining your vacation rental’s key points by targeting key words that will attract the right leads.

The text they write highlights your property, in order to sell a complete holiday experience.

Each description uses storytelling, making it easy to read while catching the customers’ attention.

GuestHook’s first goal is to develop your vacation rentals’ image, reflecting your client base. It also brings a more personal touch to your company, by building a trustworthy corporate identity.
As travelers only spend a few seconds reading ads, paying attention to every detail of your offers is crucial. Keep in mind that every element has its importance, do not underestimate any!