Discover Rental Ninja’s New Management Tool Dedicated To Your Entire Team


Here’s a partnership that will definitely ease your daily life as a vacation rental manager!

Discover Rental Ninja’s new management tool dedicated to your whole team. Constantly keep in touch and share information with your cleaning staff, check-in agents, rental managers and owners all while having access to meaningful statistics.

What’s Rental Ninja?

Rental Ninja is a vacation rental management tool that helps keeping track and record of every aspect of the vacation rental management, while sharing all the relevant information with your whole team. The Rental Ninja tool is only available on BookingSync, for now.

  • Rental Ninja can be used on any device: their solution is available on their website and app (iOS & Android, available in English, Spanish, Catalan and French)

  • Real-time management: don't wait until you or your peers get to the office, every information is synced with the team

  • Alerts system: know when something is wrong or should be fixed as soon as possible

  • Centralized, visual proof of whatever happens: Something broke and you need to notify the client or owner? Attach pictures of your payments, bookings or even rentals to keep track of everything that ever happened

  • Coming soon: meaningful statistics that tell you what's really going on with your rental business and helps you earn more

How to start using Rental Ninja’s tool

You just need to get the Rental Ninja app in our App Center. Once done, connect your rentals. You and your team can then download the app, available on iOS and Android, to access the shared data and start collaborating.

Once subscribed, enjoy a 30-day free trial with full access and unlimited amount of users.

Want more? Enter this code BOOKINGSYNC_ROCKS and get a 30% discount for 2 months after the free trial -to be used before December 31st!

Already a BookingSync client? Get the Rental Ninja app from our App Center right now!

If you would like to know more about Rental Ninja, watch the following video: