Guests Remote Access Made Easy With Igloohome


If you haven’t heard of igloohome’s amazing tools already, today’s the day!

We introduce you to one of the vacation rental industry’s best technological creation: remote check-ins for hosts and guests, by the award-winning igloohome.

What’s igloohome?

igloohome offers a range of solutions including smart locks and lockboxes for remote check-ins and check-outs, adapted to your needs and budget.

igloohome creators say: “As Airbnb hosts, we were often inconvenienced by key handovers at awkward hours. So we rolled out our smart locks to happy short-term rental owners to help them with check-in issues.”

igloohome was then born, designed to fit every guest’s needs, whether you rent an apartment in a city center or a cabin in the woods.

igloohome offers many advantages:

  • 3 products are available: the Smart Deadbolt 2S, the premium Smart Mortise and the Smart Keybox 2

  • Property owner/manager can generate a PIN number remotely for guests to enter the rental at any hour of the day or night

  • Guests don’t need to download an app to access the rental and open the lock

  • Lock works with bluetooth connection but PIN codes can be created/issued out of bluetooth range

  • Duration PIN codes can be created for the guest’s length of stay, expiring after they check-out

  • igloohome products work offline, despite their remote capabilities

  • Available on major e-commerce stores

  • Multi award-winning solution: CES Asia Innovation Awards 2018 and 2017, iF Design Award ; Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation’s Best Innovative Infocomm Product/Solution: Internet of Things (Gold Winner) and more!

The igloohome smart locks have been shipped to 80+ countries already.

Getting started with igloohome

Read our manual to know how to install and use the app.
Already a BookingSync client? Install the igloohome app from our App Center right now!

igloohome x BookingSync integration

Now, with our partnership with igloohome, your vacation rental business can be synced with your igloohome locks, so PIN codes are automatically generated for your guests. This means you no longer need to manually create PIN codes! Also, your guests will be notified of the PIN code through the Bookingsync Notifications app, so you wouldn’t need to send them a separate email.