Enjoy the visibility of the search engine cozycozy.com


Search engines are increasingly used by travelers! They make their life easier and offer the best price for vacation rentals that best meets their needs.

What is CozyCozy ?

Cozycozy is a search engine that allows travelers to compare rentals and guarantees the best accommodation results that meet expectations as well as the best price range.

All types of accommodations are available in a single search which makes it one of the most exhaustive so far: hotels, apartments, houses, youth hostels, cottages, boats, and even free solutions like the exchange of houses.

Why to use CozyCozy?

  • Increase your brand and product visibility on a dedicated accommodation website and that will benefit from strong media coverage as of January 1, 2020.

  • Drive high volumes of qualified traffic with high conversion rates

  • Its ranking algorithm does not take any commercial deals to better help promote the best offers. The platform offers a choice to the traveler based on objective criteria.

How to get started with CozyCozy ?

Read our manual to know how to install and use the app.

Already a BookingSync client? Install the CozyCozy App from our App Center right now and watch our webinar here!