Damage Deposit & Payments in a single click with Swikly!


The hassles of cheques and bank transfers are over !

We are happy to introduce Swikly, the perfect solution for damage deposits and balance payments for your bookings !

What is Swikly ?

Swikly is a safe, third party online payment system that allows users to secure reservations or security deposits via a credit/debit card imprint.

It is also, for your clients, the simplest, fastest and most secure way to send their deposits or down payments to you with “a swik”! A swik is a secure digital commitment based on a card imprint that replaces down-payments or deposits.

The deposit is not debited from their account. If a problem occurs, Swikly will act as our intermediary and will verify the terms of payment for the security deposit.

How do you explain it simply to yours clients ?

“Swikly is a fully secured system to guarantee your booking: you enter your credit card number but you will not be charged. The deposit will be charged only if you cancel your booking…”

How to get started with Swikly ?

Read our manual to know how to install and use the app.

Already a BookingSync client? Install the Swikly App from our App Center right now.

First register here, and then you'll get by email the link to join the webinar (in english) on tuesday 18th of June at 3:00 PM CEST.