[NEW PARTNER - Webinar] - Improve your own brand visibility and get more direct bookings with Metricool!


More than ever before, we want to help you increase the traffic to your own website and get more direct bookings!

Different methods and tools exist for this but one great option is online advertisement through your social networks and digital campaigns!

Managing this is not an easy task and it requires some skills to make sure you target the right audience, at the right moment and in the right place.

Today we are very happy to announce our new partnership with a company which can help you to improve and boost your online presence > Metricool! You will find more details below on the webinar we organize with them on Tuesday October 6th.

What is Metricool?

Metricool is a social network management and analytics tool. It allows analyzing, managing and measuring your contents and digital advertising campaigns on a single site.

Simply connect your social media accounts (Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn…) as well as your website and blog to their dashboard and you will benefit from the following features:

  • Analysis of your community,your website and content performance in interactive and visual graphs and tables (detailed information about the persons you will target, engagement measure…)

  • Content management (plan your posts based on Metricool’s recommendations and publish simultaneously from a single platform)

  • Social media strategy (competitors’ networks analysis)

  • Communication management (reply to your customers in real time thanks to the sync of all direct messages and reactions to your publications in one place)

  • Ad Campaigns: Create, analyze and manage your ad campaigns from one place.

  • Drive Traffic to your site from Instagram 

  • Automated and custom reports

By working on your online presence you will not only increase your visibility but you will also  attract guests who correspond to your properties, since they will have been reached by your post!

Their dashboard is available in both English and Spanish (reports are also available in French, italian, german and more languages) and a live chat is available on their dashboard to ask any questions to their support.

I worked in Marbella in the Real Estate business (Holiday Rentals) for many years and as an agent, this is really interesting as we always needed to publish on Social Media all the listings, we also need to do Facebook Ads…” says Pablo who is now working at Metricool!

As part of our new  partnership, Metricool have decided to grant a 30 day free trial to all BookingSync users. To benefit from this offer, you need to add their app on your BookingSync account, click the app and sign up on this page to create your account. Just click the Become Premium banner, fill your information and add the discount code  to benefit from a premium account for 30 days (don't hesitate to reach out to our support team to get your promo code)! You can then start connecting your social media and explore the great features of Metricool!

Want to start boosting your branding and increasing your direct bookings? 

> Install the App

Metricool Live Webinar

> Watch the webinar

We hope that this tool will help you to make the most of your social media presence and get even more direct bookings!

​Don't hesitate to reach out to info@metricool.com or to us if you have any questions.

Take care,

Audrey - and the BookingSync team :)