Our partners resources and offers in the COVID outbreak


The COVID crisis has caused our industry a lot of troubles and changes but we are happy that this challenging time has also allowed us to be even more connected with our partners!

We have conducted co-organized webinars with some of our partners that you can watch on our Youtube channel.

Some partners have also created amazing resources for Property Managers and all vacation rental industry stakeholders to be up to date with the situation, adapt our strategy and be ready for a new future.

Quite a few partner companies are also running promotions or giving free access to their product or some features to help Property Managers overcome these new challenges. 

We wanted to share with you in this article a list of resources and offers per partner. 

Please note that you can find out more about each partner on our App Center page.

Our CEO & founder Seb Grosjean and our head of Product Maud Lavolée also took part as speakers in the webinars organized by AJL consulting and BookingPal.

From the BookingSync team we would like to address a huge THANK YOU to our partners for showing solidarity during this hard time. We are proud to be part  of this wonderful Vacation Rental community and are looking forward to contributing to a new and better future for our industry!

Airbnb - Channel

Airbnb Open Homes & First Responders program. In order to help people in need of temporary housing (healthcare staff, social workers, refugees looking for a place to stay).You can found out more information on the dedicated page on our App Center.

BeyondPricing - Pricing app

Dedicated ressource page

Pandemic Pulse page for the latest information on how COVID-19 is impacting the global vacation rental industry

Beyond Brief, the weekly newsletter

Our co-organized webinar

Booking.com - Channel

Their message to host to inform about measures taken by Booking.com
COVID info and "force majeure" cancelation details
Temporary changes to help you easily manage Date Modifications from your Extranet

BookingPal - Channel Manager

Webinar they organized with major stakeholders of the Vacation rental industry: Insight from Experts: How technology can Support Vacation Rental Property Managers during and post COVID19.

Breezeway - Cleaning & Maintenance

Dedicated ressource page

Our co-organized webinar

DoInn - Cleaning & Maintenance

They offer disinfection clean in UK, Spain and Portugal > https://staysafe.doinn.co

Our co-organized webinar

HomeAway - Channel

Dedicated resource page

IglooHome - SmartLock

Dedicated blog post "Smart technology to aid the hospitality industry"

KeyDataDashboard - Data & business intelligennce

Dedicated resource page

Our co-organized webinar  

LuggageHero - Luggage storage

LuggageHero is creating a landing page on their website which will contain a list of deals per city. When a user clicks on a city and then on a specific deal, they will be redirected to your own website. This deal page will be communicated to their users (+250.000 guests who have already booked for luggage storage on LuggageHero).Please find hereafter the Typeform they created for you to enter your deals: https://lughero.com/deals

Misterbandb - Channel

Dedicated blog post Coronavirus COVID-19: Cancellation Policy

PriceLabs - Pricing App

Dedicated resource page

PriceLabs, a revenue management platform for short term & vacation rentals, has released fully automated market dashboardsfor the vacation rental industry. Short term rental markets are dynamic & in the wake of Covid-19, more volatile than ever. The ongoing crisis has not only had an impact on demand, but supply is changing too. These Market Dashboards are personalized to a user’s location and refreshed daily. If you are not a PriceLabs user, click here to create an account and access the Market Dashboards. 

Our co-organized webinar

Properly - Cleaning & Maintenance

Dedicated resource page

Their guide on "How to Properly Disinfect a Short-Term Rental"

Our co-organized webinar

Rental Ninja - Business & Operations management

Rental Ninja will help you to be more efficient at managing your teams and rentals, making your life easier during this transition with the following tools:

A reliable automated accounting system which allows you to minimize mistakes or omissions. SAVE TIME and send the necessary reports to your owners and providers in just two clicks.

An automated and modern self check-in solution. Modernize, save money, and eradicate any waiting on arrival for your guests, while PRESERVING SOCIAL DISTANCE, which is currently required.

A calendar for automating your team's schedule. Particularly useful for organising cleaning or any other repetitive tasks that take time to handle manually.

Everybody can have access to these calendars to ensure that no information is missed and that everybody is in the loop of any changes. Their app allows you to manage your operations efficiently and accurately online, whilst also keeping everybody secure.

Rentals United - Channel manager

Dedicated blog post "6 Distribution Tips for Short-Term Rental Property Managers Affected by Coronavirus Cancellations"

Swikly - Online deposit

Special offer: first 30 online deposit requests for free (to be used within 3 months after signing up to Swikly with the promo code bookingsync19)

Touch Stay - Guests Management

Dedicated blog post

Transparent - Data & business intelligence

Dedicated ressource page

Our co-organized webinar  

TripAdvisor - Channel

Dedicated article

Wishbox - Guests Management

Dedicated ressource page

The team at Wishbox took time to complete a number of cool new features that provide more revenue opportunities and allow you to manage check-ins and guest communication in the most efficient way. 

1) Online check-in including deposits, passport scans, e-signatures, key lock integration...

2) Guest App - Allowing hosts to communicate with their own branding. 

3) Scheduled Messages (sent via email, SMS or WhatsApp) to guests, auto-translated and branded, these messages can be pre-scheduled based on smart conditions. 

4) Upsells- Since profitability is a concern for property managers, the option to recommend and offer additional services to guests and generate more revenue is also extremely important, (you can also connect 3rd part suppliers to Wishbox to sell in-destination services). Upsells can include trusted transportation, ordering food, activities, room/rental upgrades based on availability, early check-in and late check-out based on availability and more. 

Their service is only charged for rentals/rooms with reservations so properties will not be paying until they have bookings and are open again (they also have the free trial).

Wheelhouse - Pricing App

The new Competitive Set feature within Wheelhouse Pro allows you to see how your listings are performing against your competition. By providing you with revenue and occupancy insights from similar properties in your area, you can fine tune your portfolio strategy and rest assured that you are best positioned to succeed. That is a free product for anyone signed up with Wheelhouse. You can register for a free 30 day free trial here or reach out to sales@usewheelhouse.com

Dedicated blog post

Our co-organized webinar