[NEW PARTNER - WEBINAR]- Easy and safe access to your properties thanks to Nuki Smart Locks!


We are today very happy to announce our new partnership with Smart Locks provider, Nuki !

Installing a Smart Lock on your properties’ doors will allow you to provide your guests with access to the property remotely and therefore give them autonomy and flexibility to get into their accomodation.  

No need to be on site any more, managing accesses will be done in a secure and automated way. Some travelers might also appreciate the fact that you offer a 0-touch check-in process and you can still control who can get into your property.

What is Nuki?

Nuki is an Austrian company offering different kinds of smart products to replace the classical key system of a door. 

Here are the main advantages of Nuki:

  • Easy retrofitting: Mount your Smart Lock over the existing cylinder and key. The installation takes less than 3 minutes and is done without screws or drilling.

  • Smart keys: Virtual keys will be assigned to your guests (they will be able to open the door with their smartphone via the Nuki app or by using the code sent via a BookingSync notification). Keys can be set to be used over a period of time, or indefinitely.

  • A secure home: Keep track of who locked your door, when and whether it’s securely locked.

Small tip > the Keypad Combo multipackis probably the most appropriate for your vacation rental business as it provides you with a Smart Lock 2.0 to install on your door, a Bridge to be able to control your smart lock remotely from the Nuki web App and a Keypad for your guest to access the property without using their smartphone (quite useful if they don’t have battery any more or are not used to downloading applications).

Want to ease, secure and automate the way you give travelers access to your property? 

Install the App

Nuki Live Webinar

You will find here the link to the webinar organized on September 24th 2020 where the Nuki team introduce their products and explain you how they can ease and secure access to your properties!

Want to learn more about the integration with Nuki?

Check our dedicated manual page

We hope that this product will help you to offer a smooth and 0-touch check-in process to your guests, while saving you time and securing your properties.

​Don't hesitate to reach out to b2bsales@nuki.io or to us if you have any questions.