[NEW PARTNER-WEBINAR]- Manage full guest check-in procedures online with CheKin!


We know that proceeding with your guest verifications can be very complex due to regulations that are constantly evolving and depending on your local authorities. Moreover, your guests might really appreciate a fully online check-in process, which will not only save you time but also avoid physical contact for checking your travelers in!

Therefore, in order to address these problems, we are today very pleased to announce our new partner CheKin (don't miss out our co-organized webinar this Thursday September 10th - see details at the end of this email)!

What is CheKin?

CheKin is a software solution for guest registration. They have developed technology to automate the guest identification and legal obligations to provide a frictionless check-in experience for your travelers.

Using CheKin will allow you to automate and delegate the management of the bureaucracy and the legal processes required in the reception of travelers thanks to the following features:

  • Data to Police > Send guest data automatically to the authorities.

  • Statistics > Generate mandatory statistical reports.

  • Documents > Produce and store all documents required by law.

Thanks to the integration with BookingSync, you will be able to significantly reduce the time spent on the check-in process. All the info regarding your listings and bookings on BookingSync will be synced automatically with the CheKin platform too and guests information collected by CheKin will be synced back to your BookingSync account.

Can’t be available for the check-in? With the Self CheKin you can validate online the identity of your guests and provide them with remote access to your accommodation (once identity validation step is completed).

Interested in improving the way you handle your guest registrations?

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CheKin Live Webinar

You can watch the webinar recorded with CheKin on September 11th 2020 here.

Want to learn more about the integration with CheKin?

Check our dedicated manual page.

We hope that this tool will help you to manage your legal obligations in terms of welcoming guests in your vacation rentals!

Don't hesitate to reach out to support@chekin.io or to us if you have any questions.