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[NEW PARTNER] - Make smarter revenue, distribution and investment decisions with Transparent Intelligence

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In this difficult context, we are working hard to keep on innovating and working hard to deliver you more value. Therefore, we are today happy to announce our new partner: Transparent Intelligence, a short term rental data provider benchmarking for 32+ million listings worldwide.

What is Transparent Intelligence?

Transparent Intelligence is  a vacation rental decision making platform, empowering property managers worldwide to increase their revenue and growth. 

Their industry-leading market intelligence informs optimized rates, occupancy, distribution & inventory, and is trusted by many key players. They track 32Mn vacation rental listings worldwide. 

Why to use Transparent Intelligence?

Transparent Rate & Demand is an easy- to-use platform that gives access to all relevant factors impacting demand for your vacation rentals:

  • forward-looking insights into market rates, occupancy, demand & supply aggregated in one easy dashboard,
  • saving endless man hours
  • allowing users to optimise their strategy to maximise their revenue.

How to get started with Transparent Intelligence?

Read our manual to know how to install and use their services.

Already a BookingSync client? Install the Transparent App from our App Center right now! You can also find the link to the webinar we organized with Pierre, CEO of Transparent, on 26/03/2020 >

You'll find useful information on their services as well as great insights on the impact of COVID-19 on our industry.

Enjoy the visibility of the search engine

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Search engines are increasingly used by travelers! They make their life easier and offer the best price for vacation rentals that best meets their needs.

What is CozyCozy ?

Cozycozy is a search engine that allows travelers to compare rentals and guarantees the best accommodation results that meet expectations as well as the best price range.

All types of accommodations are available in a single search which makes it one of the most exhaustive so far: hotels, apartments, houses, youth hostels, cottages, boats, and even free solutions like the exchange of houses.

Why to use CozyCozy?

  • Increase your brand and product visibility on a dedicated accommodation website and that will benefit from strong media coverage as of January 1, 2020.

  • Drive high volumes of qualified traffic with high conversion rates

  • Its ranking algorithm does not take any commercial deals to better help promote the best offers. The platform offers a choice to the traveler based on objective criteria.

How to get started with CozyCozy ?

Read our manual to know how to install and use the app.

Already a BookingSync client? Install the CozyCozy App from our App Center right now and watch our webinar here!

Driving change together: 2 day Hackathon with

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We had the chance to attend the Connectivity Hackathon, held in Zoku, Amsterdam, on November 25th and 26th.

The opportunity to get back on these 2 days of exchanges, reflections, design and implementation with our partner on a project that is particularly important to us, developing a new standard to define the level of eco-responsibility for vacation rentals.

Why did we choose a project on sustainable tourism?

The difference between the first hackathon proposed by and other hackathons we have already had the chance to attend, is that there is no directive, no theme, no constraint, not on the subject nor on the technical side. This really opens up a lot of possibilities, but now, which project to submit?

We asked ourselves several questions: what project would make stand out from other OTAs? What opportunities are there in our industry in constant motion? Could we find a common interest that we could serve with this project?

If you follow us for some time, it will not have passed you by that humanitarian, social and environmental commitment is part of our DNA andbecoming a leader in the development of sustainable tourism, and local communities is one of our dreams.

For its part, has already been involved in eco-friendly tourismthrough several initiatives:

  • is the only OTA that offers a section dedicated to eco-friendly gestures, encourage guests to "adopt sustainable practices so that travelers discover a planet worth exploring".

  • has been supporting sustainable projects for several years via its program Booking Cares

  • has formed with other big players (Visa, CTrip, ..) the Travelyst, which has the ambition “to change the impact of travel, for good."

At the same time, there is certainly an opportunity that presents itself, as 70% of customers say they want to travel following sustainable practices*. Yet who has ever tried to find an eco-friendly accommodation online? It's almost mission impossible ..

So, here we are, we have common values, we have a strong demand around sustainable travel, all that remains is to write everything down in a proposal and submit it: a new standard to promote properties that have adopted sustainable practices.

* Source: Sustainable Travel Report 2019 published by

So, what about the 2 days?

We brought together our dream team, an eclectic mix of profiles (designers, marketing, developers) to first define what we had in mind about this standard and what we could accomplish with it during these 2 days.

It quickly became clear that the easiest option was touse specific amenities to define the level of sustainability of a property. already had 3 amenities; we added 9 more:

  1. Waste sorting

  2. Energy-efficient devices

  3. Organic food & beverages

  4. Paperless / recycled paper

  5. Information about property sustainability

  6. Sustainability projects support 

  7. Rainwater harvesting system

  8. No single-use plastic 

  9. No single-use toiletries 

  10. Towels changed upon request

  11. Renewable energy system

  12. Sustainable materials

As soon as they were defined, the BookingSync / Smily team started adding these new eco-friendly amenities to our list of equipment (we took the opportunity to reorganize this section which needed a little more clarity!) and synchronizing the 3 amenities already present on 

We communicated the news to our customers by email on the second day around 10am and the impact was immediate, with a particularly high opening rate, more than 65%, and more than 600 properties having selected at least one of these amenities by 3pm.

In parallel, we also worked with the teams on thedefinition, application and verification of the standard. We opted for 3 levels, depending on the number of sustainable amenities offered by the property. A label will clearly designate properties that have adopted sustainable practices and the level will be indicated in the amenities section. A filter will allow travelers to see the properties labeled "eco-friendly" so that they can make their choice with the best level of information!

It also seemed obvious that, if we wanted the maximum number of properties to be promoted as eco-friendly, the verification could only be done through the most uncompromising experts: the travelers, who are always delighted to give their feedback, at no additional cost! We had already thought about adding  some questions to the review request to simply validate the presence or not of the selected amenities.

The icing on the cake ? We also took the opportunity to synchronize the BookingSync / Smily property description to the host profile. You will soon be able to describe your sustainable practices in your description to make travelers want to stay at your place even more! Stay tuned!

What’s next ?

Of course, this project was too big to be completed in 2 days (even with our dream team), but we are quite proud and happy to have defined the path to carry out this project in collaboration with

The 9 missing amenities should be added on the extranet, synchronized from BookingSync and labels and filters set up on the public pages of and on our generated websites.

Want to join us on the road to sustainability?

Promote your eco-friendly practices by selecting the corresponding equipments in your BookingSync or Smily interface! The more properties that go down this path, the sooner all these changes will come to life and together we will be able to offer a sustainable alternative to travelers.

If you want to know how to make your property more eco-friendly, do not hesitate to check out the blog post we published on this topic.

BookingSync team will attend the “Connectivity Hackathon” by to stand up for its project

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We are proud to have been selected to attend the Hackathon in Amsterdam on November 25th and 26th with our project: a new standard for Sustainable Rentals.

What is the “Connectivity Hackathon”?

For 2 days, 5 companies, including BookingSync, will develop and test their new projects intensively and present them to a prestigious jury of experts. All the projects show originality and innovativeness, technical merit, strong business impact and amazing potential.

What about the BookingSync’s project?

If you follow us for some time, you are not without knowing that the humanitarian, social and environmental commitment is part of our DNA. It was important for us to develop a project that meets our deepest convictions. We will use all our energy during this Hackathon to develop and perfect the concept of a new standard for sustainable rentals on We look forward to taking up a challenge!

For a traveler, how to identify properties that have a specific approach to their impact on their environment? to limit their consumption? to offer local products?

The concern of travelers for this type of subject is no longer anecdotal. This is a real need and we want to give the property managers or owners the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and highlight their sustainable initiatives.

Interested in this topic ? Follow our adventure on our social networks!

Our Linkedin account

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Our Facebook account

Safebooking : the cancellation and multiple-risk insurance for vacation rentals!

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Tired of the hassles of cancellation insurance and damage deposits?

We are happy to introduce Safebooking : the cancellation and multiple-risk insurance for vacation rentals that will simplify your life!

What is Safebooking?

Offer your customers the opportunity to book in complete peace of mind with Safebooking. Safebooking offers a wide range of travel insurance solutions: cancellation, interruption, delayed arrival, luggage, medical assistance and rent coverage in case of accidental damage.

Safebooking is also offering a simplified damage deposit service in partnership with EuropAssistance, which generates extra revenue for you. The guests can then select if they want to use this simplified service or use the traditional method.

How does Safebooking makes your life easier?

More safety 

Safebooking reimburses your customers for the money they have spent.

More simplicity

Safebooking handles customer relationship and refunds.

More income
Safebooking provides you an extra income for each booking. 
100% connected

Safebooking is a technology fully connected to Bookingsync.

How to get started with Safebooking ?

Read our manual to know how to install and use the app.

Already a BookingSync client? Install the Safebooking App from our App Center right now and join our live webinar

First register here, and then you’ll get by email the link to join the webinar (in french) on day 17th of October at 11am CEST.

Offer to store your guests’ luggage in a local shop with LuggageHero

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We are happy to introduce LuggageHero, the best way to securely store your guest’s luggage!

What is LuggageHero?

LuggageHero is an app that lets guests to securely store their luggage in the unused space of local businesses all around the world. It's an easy way to manage early check-ins - late check-outs and cleaning without a hassle. Travelers enjoy their first and last day without their luggage, having a great travel experience.

How LuggageHero can help your guests?

Security seal is provided at all LuggageHero locations

Luggagehero wants you to feel 100% comfortable by offering your guests a secure way to leave their personal belongings behind. That is why they created a LuggageHero Security Seal, which is used at all LuggageHero locations.

All luggage is insured against damage, loss, and theft

In collaboration with First Marine Insurance Ltd., cover holders for Lloyd’s of London, LuggageHero is able to insure each piece of luggage stored.

Only certified local shops approved by LuggageHero

Your guest’s safety and security is a priority. That’s why LuggageHero has local LuggageHero employees review all the shops in New York, London, Copenhagen, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Boston, Montreal, Rome, Brussels, Nice, Paris, Amsterdam, Chicago, Miami, Venice, Porto, Berlin, Florence, Milan, San Francisco and Vienna +17 new cities coming during 2019-20.

How to get started with LuggageHero ?

Read our manual to know how to install and use the app.

Already a BookingSync customer? Install the LuggageHero App from our App Center right now and join our live webinar!

First register here, and then you’ll get by email the link to join the webinar (in English) on day 26th of September at 03pm CEST.

Reach your target revenue with the industry’s only direct-source data

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We are happy to introduce Key Data : the perfect solution for evaluating, predicting, examining your rental performance!

What is Key Data?

It provides clear, easy to understand visibility into all the core metrics that drive your vacation rental business. This intelligent and benchmarking tool helps you examine the future performance and compare it side by side with your today and last year’s performance. It’s the industry’s only direct-source data that shows you how you build up to competitors in the market.

What’s Key Data has to offer?

  • Live visualization of your vacation rental data

Drill down filters that helps you toggle between custom and default filters by Bedrooms, Areas, occupancy and amenities important to your business.

  • Benchmarking dashboards to see how your metrics compare to your market & region

The vacation rental industry’s first robust business intelligence dashboard that provides various metrics and allows you to compare yourself in the vacation rental market. Understand which markets are growing faster and when to market to which guests. No more scraping data about your competitor performance.

  • Automate Excel data

No more spending hours on organizing your Excel data. Unit by unit performance analysis for every unit in your management portfolio

  • Comprehensive property managers and owner reports detailing the performance of each unit

Customize your owner reports and share the most important data with your homeowners

Interested to learn more?

Check our manual to learn more about how to install and use the app.

Already a BookingSync customer? Install the KeyData App from our App Center right now and join our live webinar!

First register here after that you will receive a link to join our webinar on Tuesday September 10th at 05:00 PM CEST.

Events not to miss this fall!

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It can be complicated to find your way through the jungle of events dedicated to property management. So because at BookingSync we like to make your life easier, we have put together a list of those you shouldn't miss this fall.


September 10-11 / Amsterdam

When the giant makes an event, you have to be there! Two exciting days of workshops, conferences, and networking. You will undoubtedly leave with inspiration and ideas in order to develop your business. And don't hesitate to meet us on our stand.

HomeAway Rezfest

September 24-27 / Las Vegas

This event is held in Las Vegas and is dedicated to property managers. More than fifty workshops at your disposal will give you the keys to boost your growth: Technology, marketing, trends, operations. This event will also allow you to share experience with your peers from around the world.

Vacation Rental World Summit

October 5-6  / Como

Don't judge by the dolce vita that will prevail during this new edition at Lake Como, the Vacation Rental Summit is an institution not to be missed! You will be able to learn from the greatest actors such as Airbnb, Google, during these two days of intense conferences and workshops. A format that differs from the usual salons but is very successful!

Host 2019

31 October - 1 November / London

Here is a show that allows you to meet the owners and vacation rentals management platforms. A place to discover the latest technologies and innovations to develop your business!

Phocuswright Conference

November 19-21 / Fort Lauderdale

Networking will be the keyword for this event. If you are looking for new opportunities, the Phocuswright Conference is for you! What’s more, there will be a lot of great speakers : Expedia, Tripadvisor and so on.

Increase the profitability of every booking with YourWelcome !

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We are happy to introduce YourWelcome : the perfect solution for monetizing your rental and engage your guests around !

What is YourWelcome ?

YourWelcome helps Vacation Rental operators make more money from every rental. YourWelcome is the leading guest management & monetisation platform for vacation rentals.

Transact directly with your guests whilst they are in-property. Sell your own services and make money from connecting guests to local service operators selling tourist tickets, food delivery and more.

How YourWelcome can help you ?

  • Earn More From Every Booking :

YourWelcome empowers operators to add a service layer to their rental business. YourWelcome is a transactional portal, enabling operators to effectively sell direct to their guests during their stay.

  • Extend Your Brand into the Property :

Differentiate your company with guests by increasing brand presence within the property. Tablet interface can be white labelled for your business.

  • Save Operating Costs :

Offer video instructional guides to the property to reduce guest call-outs, reducing operating costs.

  • Drive Direct Bookings :

YourWelcome creates a meaningful connection between operators and guests during their stay. Display your brand and surface your property portfolio whilst the guest is in residence and increase your direct bookings.

  • Make International Guests Feel At Home :

YourWelcome auto translates your property guides and local area information to make international guests feel at home.

How to get started with YourWelcome ?

Check our manual to learn more about how to install and use the app.

Already a BookingSync customer? Install the YourWelcome App from our App Center right now and join our live webinar !

First register here after that you will receive a link to join our webinar on Thursday 20th of June at 11:00 AM CEST.


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The Sustainable Development Week is a good opportunity to reflect on the daily actions that would make seasonal rentals more eco-friendly. Especially as 87%* of travelers want to opt for environmentally friendly rentals!


During the holidays, the travellers can sometimes lose good habits.

Help them stay on track by providing them with the necessary equipment for sorting waste : bins and sorting instructions.

And don’t hesitate to make them aware of daily actions :

  • turn off electrical appliances and lights

  • limit heating (especially in bedrooms)

  • wash at 30 degrees

Your eco-friendly commitment, through the products you provide, will be appreciate by your travellers :

  • organic or natural shampoo and shower gel, ideally in a dispenser that you fill every week

  • organic or natural dishwashing liquid and household products

And finally, display your commitment via :

  • a selection of local craftsmen and merchants to offer responsible consumption

  • a list of nature sites around you rental and information on how to respect and protect them

  • a list of alternative modes of transportation : local public transport timetables, bicycle rentals, and so on


What could you do concretely in the management of your rentals ? Even the smallest gesture can make a difference.

Remember to use organic or homemade products for the household on a daily basis. White vinegar has never had such a popularity! Why not start making your own laundry detergent for household laundry while promoting natural drying.

As for energy, remember to turn down the heating between two travellers and to turn off the electrical appliances.

If your rental is surrounded by greenery, encourage biodiversity :

  • by choosing honey plants that produce nectar;

  • by installing animal shelters and highlighting them with labels explaining their usefulness (children will love it): small pile of wood, bird nest box, insect hotel, and so on

  • by choosing natural fertilizers

  • by leaving wilderness areas

Of course, share your actions (and your smile!) with your travellers by posting an "eco-friendly charter" in your rentals and sending it to them before their visit by email to redirect to your website.