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Reach your target revenue with the industry’s only direct-source data

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We are happy to introduce Key Data : the perfect solution for evaluating, predicting, examining your rental performance!

What is Key Data?

It provides clear, easy to understand visibility into all the core metrics that drive your vacation rental business. This intelligent and benchmarking tool helps you examine the future performance and compare it side by side with your today and last year’s performance. It’s the industry’s only direct-source data that shows you how you build up to competitors in the market.

What’s Key Data has to offer?

  • Live visualization of your vacation rental data

Drill down filters that helps you toggle between custom and default filters by Bedrooms, Areas, occupancy and amenities important to your business.

  • Benchmarking dashboards to see how your metrics compare to your market & region

The vacation rental industry’s first robust business intelligence dashboard that provides various metrics and allows you to compare yourself in the vacation rental market. Understand which markets are growing faster and when to market to which guests. No more scraping data about your competitor performance.

  • Automate Excel data

No more spending hours on organizing your Excel data. Unit by unit performance analysis for every unit in your management portfolio

  • Comprehensive property managers and owner reports detailing the performance of each unit

Customize your owner reports and share the most important data with your homeowners

Interested to learn more?

Check our manual to learn more about how to install and use the app.

Already a BookingSync customer? Install the KeyData App from our App Center right now and join our live webinar!

First register here after that you will receive a link to join our webinar on Tuesday September 10th at 05:00 PM CEST.

Events not to miss this fall!

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It can be complicated to find your way through the jungle of events dedicated to property management. So because at BookingSync we like to make your life easier, we have put together a list of those you shouldn't miss this fall.


September 10-11 / Amsterdam

When the giant makes an event, you have to be there! Two exciting days of workshops, conferences, and networking. You will undoubtedly leave with inspiration and ideas in order to develop your business. And don't hesitate to meet us on our stand.

HomeAway Rezfest

September 24-27 / Las Vegas

This event is held in Las Vegas and is dedicated to property managers. More than fifty workshops at your disposal will give you the keys to boost your growth: Technology, marketing, trends, operations. This event will also allow you to share experience with your peers from around the world.

Vacation Rental World Summit

October 5-6  / Como

Don't judge by the dolce vita that will prevail during this new edition at Lake Como, the Vacation Rental Summit is an institution not to be missed! You will be able to learn from the greatest actors such as Airbnb, Google, during these two days of intense conferences and workshops. A format that differs from the usual salons but is very successful!

Host 2019

31 October - 1 November / London

Here is a show that allows you to meet the owners and vacation rentals management platforms. A place to discover the latest technologies and innovations to develop your business!

Phocuswright Conference

November 19-21 / Fort Lauderdale

Networking will be the keyword for this event. If you are looking for new opportunities, the Phocuswright Conference is for you! What’s more, there will be a lot of great speakers : Expedia, Tripadvisor and so on.

Increase the profitability of every booking with YourWelcome !

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We are happy to introduce YourWelcome : the perfect solution for monetizing your rental and engage your guests around !

What is YourWelcome ?

YourWelcome helps Vacation Rental operators make more money from every rental. YourWelcome is the leading guest management & monetisation platform for vacation rentals.

Transact directly with your guests whilst they are in-property. Sell your own services and make money from connecting guests to local service operators selling tourist tickets, food delivery and more.

How YourWelcome can help you ?

  • Earn More From Every Booking :

YourWelcome empowers operators to add a service layer to their rental business. YourWelcome is a transactional portal, enabling operators to effectively sell direct to their guests during their stay.

  • Extend Your Brand into the Property :

Differentiate your company with guests by increasing brand presence within the property. Tablet interface can be white labelled for your business.

  • Save Operating Costs :

Offer video instructional guides to the property to reduce guest call-outs, reducing operating costs.

  • Drive Direct Bookings :

YourWelcome creates a meaningful connection between operators and guests during their stay. Display your brand and surface your property portfolio whilst the guest is in residence and increase your direct bookings.

  • Make International Guests Feel At Home :

YourWelcome auto translates your property guides and local area information to make international guests feel at home.

How to get started with YourWelcome ?

Check our manual to learn more about how to install and use the app.

Already a BookingSync customer? Install the YourWelcome App from our App Center right now and join our live webinar !

First register here after that you will receive a link to join our webinar on Thursday 20th of June at 11:00 AM CEST.


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The Sustainable Development Week is a good opportunity to reflect on the daily actions that would make seasonal rentals more eco-friendly. Especially as 87%* of travelers want to opt for environmentally friendly rentals!


During the holidays, the travellers can sometimes lose good habits.

Help them stay on track by providing them with the necessary equipment for sorting waste : bins and sorting instructions.

And don’t hesitate to make them aware of daily actions :

  • turn off electrical appliances and lights

  • limit heating (especially in bedrooms)

  • wash at 30 degrees

Your eco-friendly commitment, through the products you provide, will be appreciate by your travellers :

  • organic or natural shampoo and shower gel, ideally in a dispenser that you fill every week

  • organic or natural dishwashing liquid and household products

And finally, display your commitment via :

  • a selection of local craftsmen and merchants to offer responsible consumption

  • a list of nature sites around you rental and information on how to respect and protect them

  • a list of alternative modes of transportation : local public transport timetables, bicycle rentals, and so on


What could you do concretely in the management of your rentals ? Even the smallest gesture can make a difference.

Remember to use organic or homemade products for the household on a daily basis. White vinegar has never had such a popularity! Why not start making your own laundry detergent for household laundry while promoting natural drying.

As for energy, remember to turn down the heating between two travellers and to turn off the electrical appliances.

If your rental is surrounded by greenery, encourage biodiversity :

  • by choosing honey plants that produce nectar;

  • by installing animal shelters and highlighting them with labels explaining their usefulness (children will love it): small pile of wood, bird nest box, insect hotel, and so on

  • by choosing natural fertilizers

  • by leaving wilderness areas

Of course, share your actions (and your smile!) with your travellers by posting an "eco-friendly charter" in your rentals and sending it to them before their visit by email to redirect to your website.


Damage Deposit & Payments in a single click with Swikly!

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The hassles of cheques and bank transfers are over !

We are happy to introduce Swikly, the perfect solution for damage deposits and balance payments for your bookings !

What is Swikly ?

Swikly is a safe, third party online payment system that allows users to secure reservations or security deposits via a credit/debit card imprint.

It is also, for your clients, the simplest, fastest and most secure way to send their deposits or down payments to you with “a swik”! A swik is a secure digital commitment based on a card imprint that replaces down-payments or deposits.

The deposit is not debited from their account. If a problem occurs, Swikly will act as our intermediary and will verify the terms of payment for the security deposit.

How do you explain it simply to yours clients ?

“Swikly is a fully secured system to guarantee your booking: you enter your credit card number but you will not be charged. The deposit will be charged only if you cancel your booking…”

How to get started with Swikly ?

Read our manual to know how to install and use the app.

Already a BookingSync client? Install the Swikly App from our App Center right now.

First register here, and then you'll get by email the link to join the webinar (in english) on tuesday 18th of June at 3:00 PM CEST.

How Rental Ninja can take your vacation rental business to the next level?

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Our partner Rental Ninja never stops improving and providing stunning additional features to BookingSync users!
If you were already fan of:
Statistics: helping you visually identify your strengths and ways of improvement
Accounting: automating your owners' and sub-contractors' invoicing
Mobile App: allowing you and your team to work smoothly on the move, keeping everyone updated
Guest App: delighting your guests with all useful details about your rental, delivered at the perfect time
We are pleased to announce that Rental Ninja is now available in English, French, Spanish and Italian! But that's not all!
Quickly discover the 3 new amazing features you'll love:

Pre Check-In

Stop spending hours each week mailing guests to ask for their arrival information, making sure they'd inform you about any special requests upon arrival, get things ready the proper way and avoid last minute inconveniences.

  • Let us contact them and follow-up by e-mail and SMS to get: their arrival time, transportation details, passport (number and/or picture) and confirmation of their contact details.

  • Then, they will have direct access to the Guest Mobile App containing every useful detail for their arrival and stay!

  • Do you use the self check-in? You'll be able to explain how to access the property, share the access codes and decide to share this only after the booking gets fully paid or at a specific time.

Tasks Management

Probably your everyday work is looking like this: hours spent on cleaning and maintenance logistics, picturing up and down with damages needing assistance, forwarding data to the workman, organizing cleanings the evening before due to last minute reservations, informing the cleaning staff everytime a stay gets extended…


  • Imagine being able to automatically assign your check-in, cleaning, check-out missions to the right people. But also create a last-minute mission because a fix is necessary. And all of this fully synchronized and notified to all your teammates!

  • A guest fills his pre check-in details? The associated check-in mission is updated and your check-in agent is notified on his phone!

  • Guests shorten or extend their stay? The associated cleaning mission will be shifted accordingly and your housekeeping staff informed!

Statistics in Accounting

Detailed statistics in Accounting will now allow you to easily identify parts of the business you can improve and better drive your business strategy:

  • Easily see how much money you earned on cleanings, and evaluate if you could hire internal cleaning staff instead of externalizing the service.

  • Understand the flow of the market, and see the consequences of the strategic changes you made to boost bookings from certain platforms or from our own website.

Don't wait to start using Rental Ninja and benefit from a 14-day trial (see Rental Ninja in our App Center)

Want to learn more and ask for specific questions? Join one of the next webinars organized by Rental Ninja, they are available in 4 languages :

Register for SPANISH Webinar: Thursday, March 21th - 11 AM (UTC +1)

Register to FRENCH Webinar: Tuesday, March 26th - 10:30 AM (UTC +1)

Register to ENGLISH Webinar: Tuesday, March 26th - 5 PM (UTC +1)

Register to ITALIAN Webinar: Wednesday, March 27th - 4 PM (UTC +1)

Automate property care with Breezeway!

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The BookingSync team is excited to announce its partnership with Breezeway, a new mobile solution that helps vacation rental managers master their back-end cleaning and maintenance operations.

What is Breezeway?

Breezeway makes it easier to manage property care. The company’s intelligent platform and mobile app help property managers coordinate cleaning and maintenance tasks, improving quality and ensuring the job gets done right.

How does Breezeway makes your life easier?

Increase operational efficiency: Data-driven tools that automate scheduling and coordinating teams -eliminating hundreds of hours of spreadsheeting each week.

Keep your owners happy: Quality assurance and customized service programs help you exceed renter expectations and showcase the full value of your property operations.

Drive additional revenue: Comprehensive maintenance documentation and reporting enables more service offerings, monetization and opportunities to grow your business.

How to get started with Breezeway?

Read our manual to know how to install and use the app.

Already a BookingSync client? Install the Breezeway app from our App Center right now and join our live webinar!

First register here, and then you’ll get by email the link to join the webinar (in english) on friday 26th of October at 3pm CEST.

What we really like about Breezeway?

Breezeway offers BookingSync users a two weeks free trial period, this is the opportunity to test the features and measure the power of the tool in order to increase your business efficiency. Claim your free trial here!

Breezeways allows at the same time to custom the services for each of your properties but also to bulk-schedule, which saves a lot of time and allow you to focus on tasks that needs more attention.

This solution is a perfect fit for BookingSync providing a deeper suite of back-office functionality to offer our clients who want to use detailed checklists for cleaning and inspections. Better yet, the integration automatically pulls your inventory and booking schedule, which makes it easy for you to coordinate turn-days.

Business friendly accommodation with MagicStay - “Rest well, Work better”

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Have you ever wondered if a booking platform for business travelers existed ? MagicStay is the answer!
Latest data : “The expenses for corporate/business travel make up a corporation’ second or third largest controllable expense behind salaries, wages and IT expenditure.” - Statista

What’s MagicStay?

MagicStay is a French alternative accommodation booking website, created to meet the requirements of the business trip and available to all those who wish to travel serenely.
MagicStay offers nearly 200,000 accommodations from all types (apartments, villas etc…) in more than 90 countries. Their accommodations are selected for their professional added value: ideally located in the city center or close to convention / exhibition centers.

How to get started with MagicStay via BookingSync?

Read our manual here to know how to install and use the app.
Already a BookingSync client? Install the MagicStay app from our App Center right now!

You missed our live webinar? We recorded it for you, click here to watch it.

What we really like about MagicStay?

MagicStay provides a real solution to business travelers based on accurate business needs.
They provide and base their services on useful data about business traveling such as the weekly infographic below:

It is true that traveling for professional reasons creates a lot of stress by itself, MagicStay brings solutions to all sources of additional stress in order to travel in peace and focus on what matters the most: Work.
Useful links:

Guests Remote Access Made Easy With Igloohome

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If you haven’t heard of igloohome’s amazing tools already, today’s the day!

We introduce you to one of the vacation rental industry’s best technological creation: remote check-ins for hosts and guests, by the award-winning igloohome.

What’s igloohome?

igloohome offers a range of solutions including smart locks and lockboxes for remote check-ins and check-outs, adapted to your needs and budget.

igloohome creators say: “As Airbnb hosts, we were often inconvenienced by key handovers at awkward hours. So we rolled out our smart locks to happy short-term rental owners to help them with check-in issues.”

igloohome was then born, designed to fit every guest’s needs, whether you rent an apartment in a city center or a cabin in the woods.

igloohome offers many advantages:

  • 3 products are available: the Smart Deadbolt 2S, the premium Smart Mortise and the Smart Keybox 2

  • Property owner/manager can generate a PIN number remotely for guests to enter the rental at any hour of the day or night

  • Guests don’t need to download an app to access the rental and open the lock

  • Lock works with bluetooth connection but PIN codes can be created/issued out of bluetooth range

  • Duration PIN codes can be created for the guest’s length of stay, expiring after they check-out

  • igloohome products work offline, despite their remote capabilities

  • Available on major e-commerce stores

  • Multi award-winning solution: CES Asia Innovation Awards 2018 and 2017, iF Design Award ; Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation’s Best Innovative Infocomm Product/Solution: Internet of Things (Gold Winner) and more!

The igloohome smart locks have been shipped to 80+ countries already.

Getting started with igloohome

Read our manual to know how to install and use the app.
Already a BookingSync client? Install the igloohome app from our App Center right now!

igloohome x BookingSync integration

Now, with our partnership with igloohome, your vacation rental business can be synced with your igloohome locks, so PIN codes are automatically generated for your guests. This means you no longer need to manually create PIN codes! Also, your guests will be notified of the PIN code through the Bookingsync Notifications app, so you wouldn’t need to send them a separate email.

N°2 holiday destination in Indonesia devastated : Lombok earthquakes, how can you help?

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On August 5th, several earthquakes, including the most deadly one of magnitude 7, stroke north of Lombok. One of the main touristic island of Indonesia, the neighbour of Bali, has been hit by a natural catastrophe that caused a lot of suffering and pain to the local population.

Despite their own loss in Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno, the company Bali Management Villas (one of BookingSync clients), has made us proud! They have personally witnessed what a natural disaster can bring to the residents there and decided to take action.
Touched by the gentleness and kindness of the locals, and seeing what Lombok has given them through the 9 years the company has been running in Indonesia, now it’s time to give back, show the people gratitude and give help to those affected by this tragedy in an efficient way.
As the island has been struck by second earthquake (and many aftershocks), the death toll has been increased to above 500.

Bali Management Villas (BookingSync Indonesia main user) have organized boats from their usual transportation providers and are now collecting supplies to donate goods to those in need, working closely to help teams on site.

What to bring? How the money will be spent? Mainly on basic supplies such as food, water, masks, clothes and 1st aid medicines.
Indonesia is the first region of the world that benefit and also suffers from tourism in many different ways, we (the collectivity), need to help Lombok population getting back on their feet so people from the industry and their family can go back to a decent life.

If you want to pinch in:
If you want to bring stuff, swing by their office in Bali: Bali Management Villas, 5x jalan Kerobokan, Bali, Indonesia.