6 Reasons Why Your Vacation Rentals Need Their Own Facebook Page

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Social media is now a huge part of our lives, whether professionally or personally. Even as a private person, how can you avoid using them? Unless you’ve made a clear choice not to appear online, there are few chances you don’t already own a Facebook account.

As a vacation rental professional though, it’s not that easy. If you want to grow and keep getting new clients, your rentals need their own page.

Even worse, if you own or manage several properties, not having your own Facebook page could look suspicious to potential customers.


But, don’t worry - we’re here to help and guide you!

So, take a few minutes and read what we have to say on Facebook, and why it could definitely help you fill these last few vacant weeks.

Why do my vacation rentals need their own Facebook page?

If what we said previously wasn’t enough already, there are many reasons why you should start using this social network:

  • Increase your online exposure

First of all, start with creating your Facebook page. Use your brand, the one appearing on your logo and website, such as misterb&b -see the next picture. Add a nice cover picture that could show your top property, and a profile picture -your logo, for example. Facebook also lets you add your phone number, website address, history: fill in as much information as you can! This will help you gain the potential travelers’ trust and look professional.

Every picture, video or link you post on your page can be liked and shared by your followers. Each time someone interacts with your content, it then appears on their Facebook friends’ newsfeed.

  • Promote your rentals for free

Facebook is free and open to all, you don’t have to pay at any moment, if you don’t wish to. Starting here, you can share anything you like on your page -you should stay coherent in your publications, though, but we will talk about this point in the next paragraph.

Each post is another opportunity for you to reach and attract new clients.

What should I share on Facebook, and when?

That’s a sensitive point a lot of Facebook page managers tend to underestimate. Facebook isn’t just a hobby or a way to promote yourself or your rentals. You may scare people away and lose your audience!

  • Introduce your rentals: if you own or manage several rentals, you could share one of them once or twice per week, for example. Always try to add a little something to it, do not just share a picture or a link to your listing.

Who wouldn’t love to spend a weekend in such a beautiful beach house?

This apartment is the perfect place if you want to discover Paris and its famous bakeries!

On Facebook too, you should master the art of Storytelling.

  • Share travel tips and highlight what makes your region so cool: Put yourself in your tourists’ shoes. Why should they want to travel to your home? What makes your region so special? Once or twice a week, you can share any event, festival, gathering that happens around your rental -and that has an added value, of course. Feel free to also take beautiful pictures of sunsets, beaches, mountains, any kind of landscapes that are enjoyable.

  • Share promotions and deals: Need to fill in these last few vacant weeks? Here we are! Facebook’s the best way to highlight your properties when the low season comes. Boost your bookings thanks to limited-time coupons, special offers, etc.

  • Talk about the services/products you offer: Do you offer concierge services? Can travelers call you if they need to go to the airport? Can they share some time with you and discover your city with a local? They’re as many special gestures you can make, to make their stay unforgettable.

As vacation rental travelers are not just tourists anymore, but people really eager to discover and enjoy a local’s city and habits, they want to share and know your way of life. Facebook is the best way to give them a glimpse into your local life, with a little plus -they’ll be on holiday, after all.

BookingSync Receives The HomeAway Preferred Partner Status For 2017

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We’ve been chosen as Preferred Partner 2017 by HomeAway.

This decision comes after several years of collaboration with HomeAway, with whom we built a strong technical partnership. This collaboration helped our BookingSync clients benefit from many major advantages for their vacation rental activity.

  • Advanced API syncing for updated information, and a better ranking for their listings

  • Possibility for our clients to use their own payment platform, while benefiting from the HomeAway websites group’s powerful booking tunnel

  • Comments syncing

We’re very proud and honoured to have received this proof of trust. This also strengthens the technical choices we make.

Beyond being a simple status, this testifies as a common and strong desire to keep working together on new advanced features and improving our processes, for the vacation rental professionals and travelers.

This means we’ll be working closely with HomeAway, setting up events but also working on a daily basis with their teams, sharing our ideas and clients feedbacks.

Sébastien, our CEO, proudly represented us during the HomeAway conference that took place between May, 24th-26th in Austin, USA. We’ll also be in Annecy, France on December, 7th to present BookingSync and the HomeAway integration to other vacation rental professionals.

This global partnership will benefit everyone, our clients in the first place!