PriceLabs & BookingSync: How To Access Automatic Dynamic Pricing & Minimum-stay Rules

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Let’s introduce our brand new addition to the BookingSync App Center: PriceLabs, an awesome tool allowing you to access dynamic pricing and minimum-stay rules for your vacation rentals!

What’s PriceLabs?

PriceLabs is a revenue management solution dedicated to short-term and vacation rentals, and is available in all locations around the world. PriceLabs users access their dynamic pricing recommendations and automated minimum-stay rules through the innovative and easy-to-use platform.

Property managers who use PriceLabs save hours by automating last minute discounting rules, minimum stay rules, and orphan day stay and pricing rules. It is built for property managers with 1 to hundreds of properties. Streamlined dashboard, customization options, and responsive support team help you manage prices for your entire portfolio!

How to access PriceLabs revenue management tool

There’s nothing easier! You just need to create your PriceLabs account, and then connect your BookingSync listings, thanks to the PriceLabs app available on BookingSync, to receive their pricing recommendations.

Increase your vacation rental revenue by increasing and decreasing prices depending on seasons, future demand trends, events/holidays, day-of-week, etc, and updating it to your calendar daily!

PriceLabs says “Our data-driven pricing approach scans your market for historic and future supply and demand trends to automate pricing, while at the same time gives you many customization options to suit your needs. So no more worrying about the competition, or wrestling with the calendar for hours - we have your back!

Already a BookingSync client? Get the PriceLabs app from our App Center right now!

If you would like to know more about PriceLabs, watch the following video:

Dormis: A New Way To List Your Properties

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Dormis is a vacation rental company started from Barcelona and now allows to rent and list properties all around the world. You can join the list of their property owners too!

Why choose Dormis?

Listing a property on the Dormis platform is very easy and quick.

Don’t worry about any hidden charges or annual contributions, as there aren’t any on Dormis. Listing is absolutely free! Service fees are taken from the guest’s down payment, representing 10% of the total booking cost.

Owners can choose between different payout options. The guests may pay in cash or by card upon arrival; you may set a 100% charge at the moment of booking or choose a down payment as a security deposit. Furthermore, many settings can be customised: setting up different rates for 4 guest types (adults, children up to 10 and 16, and babies), adding extra charges or season discounts.

More than 3.500 clients visit every month. Listing your property on the website will enhance your chances of getting more bookings! At the moment, the service is directed to Europe and the USA but is constantly improving its outreach.  

If your properties are already published on different platforms, you can use BookingSync’s iCal synchronization to avoid double booking while the calendars are updated automatically.

What’s Dormis’s vision?

Dormis care about both owners and guests and do their best to support them, and their property managers are always ready to answer your questions.

Dormis uses highly reliable encryption methods as high priority is given to security of either side. A smoothly running system tracks suspicious activity on the platform.Guests can only see a property manager’s or owner’s personal details after a booking is confirmed.

Interested in the platform? You can join the Dormis world too, and expand the tourists’ horizons providing accommodation in different corners of the planet! If you wish to test Dormis, you can connect via our partner RentalsUnited.

BookingSync Devs Recruitment: Whiteboards? No, Thanks!

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BookingSync is proud to say we’re hiring without whiteboards: we only focus on your real-world technical skills!

What’s whiteboard recruitment?

Whiteboard is a metaphor used for interviews that are not focused on a candidate’s actual technical skills, but more on the interview skills or background in computer science. This solution is often used in IT.

Basically, during an interview, the potential candidate might be asked to implement an algorithm on a whiteboard: if you’re a developer yourself, you’ll know such a thing never happens in the actual job! Moreover, implementing such algorithms rarely happens in a real world scenario -unless someone is focusing more on computer science than delivering software.

What’s our approach?

At BookingSync, we want to focus on your real programming skills. We don’t want to lose (and make you lose) time on useless processes!

We strongly believe that the best approach for hiring good developers is starting with a take-home assignment which ideally would be similar to some real-world scenario that the potential developer will be working on. Indeed, we're a startup with a team located around the world. Every position we offer is remote, so what’s better than realising this test-assignment in real work conditions? Such assignment shouldn’t be too much time-consuming, but needs to be complex enough to give developers a chance to prove themselves.

The next step would be a technical interview which would include a discussion about the take-home assignment and the decisions made by the developer when developing it and also some open-ended questions. We don’t think that the questions like “what is the time complexity of binary search algorithm?” bring much value - unless the developer will be writing similar algorithms, such questions barely give any feedback if the person is a good candidate for the job or not. Even if it turns out that some developer is not familiar with time complexity, it won’t take much time to learn it. However, learning skills that are required for delivering high-quality software take a lot of time. That’s why asking about things such as Test-Driven Development, The Rails Way vs. Hexagonal Architecture are much more valuable than yes-or-no questions or questions about things that can be quickly googled. We also highly value willingness to learn more and master current skills, that’s why questions about some recent books or blog posts a developer has read and the areas of particular interest (performance optimization, architecture etc.) are important to us.

If you’re a developer and looking for new job offers, BookingSync may just be your next career opportunity: Full-stack, Ember, Rails… Apply for one of our offers and join us in our adventure!

LunarBnB & BookingSync: Ready To Fly To The Moon?

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Yes, you read that right!

We’ve been working hard on that ambitious new project for a few years now: thanks to LunarBnB and BookingSync, you can now spend your holidays on the Moon!

LunarBnB: towards new horizons?

We’ve always wanted to offer our clients innovative services, this is why we’ve been working for a long time on how we could stretch the limits of travel and vacation rental.

After collaborating with several startups specialised in space travel, we’ve created LunarBnB: a true space colony, settled on the Moon and entirely run by BookingSync! We had to adapt our software to particular research, equipment and space-time criteria. For example, we had to make sure the oxygen level in the accomodation would suit the number of travelers, but also paying great attention to check-in and check-out times, depending on lightspeed.

Space travel has been enjoying a surge of popularity since a few years, thanks to companies such as SpaceX or Virgin Galactic. Stays on Mars or the Moon, travels around the Earth, technological advances allow us, not only to dream, but to truly prepare ourselves for a borderless future!

Be a part of the LunarBnB experience!

Getting to the facts: how does it all work?

After receiving a psychological and physical preparation to the space travel (and if you pass them), you’ll be ready to travel with LunarBnB. Once prepared, note you’ll need a 3-day space travel before to actually land on the Moon.

A Moon colony will be set up in order to welcome our travelers, for up to 12 people. Whether you’re traveling alone, with your family or some friends, we put once again your comfort on the first plan: an indoor vegetable garden for an healthy and diversified diet, access to several viewing decks inside the colony, lunar trips with our lunar “buggy”... You’ll be remembering those holidays for sure!

Ready to take a leap into the unknown? We'll soon be announcing when you can start signing up to our new LunarBnB experience, but meanwhile, stay tuned and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and visit the official website!