Secure Your Website With SSL For Free!


Google has been strongly encouraging internet users and website owners to increase their online security since 2014. HTTPS and SSL protocols are becoming standards on the internet, even though most of us won’t notice the numerous technical changes that can occur.

We want you to keep communicating your online data safely. We want users to get the best experience possible on your website. This is why you can now get an SSL securing upon request for free, with BookingSync!

What are SSL and HTTPS?

Those two acronyms refer to two security protocols that work together, and they’re often getting mixed up:

  • HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure: when opening a page, this lets the user verify the identity of the website thanks to an authentication certificate.

  • Secure Sockets Layer: this one is a security protocol for internet exchanges, in charge of data encryption.

What’s the point for your website?

  • Adapting to security standards: BookingSync is always adjusting its technology to the web’s major changes, and this is one of them!

  • Offering a higher level of safety to your clients, who will be able to safely visit your website. Some browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox, are now clearly warning users when a website isn’t secure.

  • Getting an SSL certification for free. This is usually a paid service, added to the website hosting and your domain name.

  • Setting up an SSL certification on your website can help you get more visible on Google (linked to your SEO strategy).

All these information can seem a bit technical but you don’t have to worry: we’ll be handling all the changes ourselves!