Secure Your Vacation Rentals Thanks To Party Squasher


Renting an accommodation can be risky and many startups decided to bring their own solutions to address those concerns.

Party Squasher created a device helping reduce any risk of misbehaviour while renting.

Imagine a 4-people booking, turning into an 8-people stay and degenerating into a 30-people party around the swimming pool.

The solution they bring is simple: once installed, the Party Squasher box detects devices emitting a wifi signal (phone, tablet, computer, etc.).

The solution the young startup is bringing is very simple and quick to set up:

  1. The box contains all you need (power supply, USB and ethernet cables)

  2. Connect the Party Squasher box to a USB port or a socket

  3. Connect it to your router or network port thanks to the provided cable

  4. Download the Android or iOS app

  5. Flash the QR code at the back of the box

  6. Follow the guide!

When creating your account, add your mobile number so that you can be alerted of possible misbehaviours in your housing.

Complete the last steps of the basic setup by indicating the surveillance zone -depending on the house and outdoors surface- so that the neighbours’ devices won’t be taken into account. This also allows setting up the limit from which the alert needs to be emitted.

Party Squasher has you covered: once the box is installed, you can modify those settings remotely for every rental, depending on the number of occupants.

Vacation rental owners and professionals can link an Airbnb, HomeAway, or other platform calendar to each Party Squasher box -for example, you can export your iCal BookingSync calendar.

This advanced setup allows you to integrate your guest’s contact details directly into Party Squasher so that you can quickly contact them in case of an alert.

Wifi device manufacturers which don't produce mobile phones are not taken into account by Party Squasher. You can also indicate the wifi devices you have in your rental to sharpen the results (wifi speaker, TV, etc.).

But some of you may ask: what about private life? The startup itself advices you to indicate, in your welcome book, that a surveillance device is installed -explaining it doesn’t record any sound or image, of course.

Also, note that if the box is being unplugged, you’re alerted by text message ;)

The box can now be purchased in France. As a partner, BookingSync offers a 20€ discount with the code BOOKINGSYNC! Get it now!

To celebrate its launch in France, PartySquasher will be organising a presentation webinar in French this Friday (05/05) at 2pm CEST, animated by Guillaume de la Tour,’s CEO. He will be answering your questions and introduce you to the advantages of this solution, as a vacation rental professional.

Go to this address on Friday, May 5th at 2pm to watch it:

See you soon with PartySquasher and share your comments!