Let The Notifications Work For You!


You may already know what Notifications are, as they’ve been available on BookingSync for quite some time now. Following your comments and suggestions, we decided to rethink our interface and simplify its daily use.

As you could expect, we didn’t stop there! Besides improving the visual interface, we also brought 2 small changes, that were highly expected:

  • currency and date formatting automation in the Notifications, depending on the travelers’ designated language

  • a simplified management of your notifications design made for mass edition thanks to CSS inlining

What are Notifications and how can you use them?

Notifications let you stay in touch with your guests before, during and after their stay by giving you access to personalised template emails. You pick the information that should be added to the personalised emails and automatically send them, following some predefined settings.

You know better than anyone that sending emails manually to your guests is a tedious task. Start using Notifications and automate a great number of your daily tasks and save time!

One of our clients, Damir Biseri from the Adriatic Pearls agency, explains how he saved valuable work hours thanks to the Notifications:

From how many managed rentals did you feel the need and interest of using the notifications?

Well, since we use notifications also for invoicing (this way we or the customer get it automatically in the inbox) from day one (or to say from the first rental). We integrated notifications in all our processes and evolved them, to automate or semi automate all of them. We base them on triggers or events (new reservation sends invoice and email to the owner), tags, change on booking status, additional requests (PayPal, Cancellation, Insurance, etc.). So the question is really how many processes do you have and can you automate them. I would say you can at least semi automate all of them. Less operational work means more free time and more time to address the content, the customer and the destination itself.

Any idea of the time saved thanks to the Notifications?

Hmmm, this one is not easy. We would have to evaluate every process and compare to how it was. But that would take too much time. Let’s put it this way. We were able to duplicate our revenue, with the same number of employees and introduce a 6-hour work day. So if we are a 4-people company, I would say we saved at least 4 man-years. I am confident we saved more, but this is huge already, right?

Has the use of Notifications had an impact on your communication with your customers?

Yes it has! We introduced automated marketing. Every customer gets automated emails with our blog posts about their destination. There are videos, links, music playlists, blog posts… All in an email, they get automatically three days after they made the reservation. And this is just one case. There are many many more. From payment reminders to wishing the customer a safe trip a day before travel (with critical info about the roads etc.) And to remind you, it is done automatically. We do not send most of those emails. Notifications centre does that for us. In beautiful HTML emails, with logos, pictures, links…

Any advice for the other Bookingsync users to take advantage of the Notifications?

Yes, imagine all your manual emails you send every day. Same emails, with different names and numbers? Yep, that one. It eats your creativity and pushes you towards monotony and after a year it is just boring. Well Bookingsync can help you automate it for you. It really is easy. Ask them.


Already a BookingSync client? Access the Notifications app from our App Center.

Read our manual for more information on the Notifications.


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