BookingSync Proud Organizer Of Ember Thalassa Greece


Ember is a javascript framework developed in open source which allows to develop ambitious applications. For example in BookingSync we use Ember to allow our users to have a smooth and efficient experience.
But Ember is also used in many companies like Apple, Netflix, Nest, Zendesk ...
Freelance developers or employees, worldwide, give their time to enable this framework to exist and for the second consecutive year, we decided to thank the Ember Data staff for this investment.


Why Ember Thalassa ?

Sunday 22 May, the Ember Data core team, will be welcomed by Sebastien (founder of BookingSync) on the island of Lefkada in Greece. 2 superb villas are reserved for the occasion.
"It's a thank you for their work, their investment and their generosity, to spend so much time developing open source tools used widely across the world."
This type of sponsorship corresponds to the values of BookingSync : Ember Data Team gives his time and helps us through their developments. Propose this framework as open source allows many young entrepreneurs to start easily in their business.

Wecc and Tchak at Ember Thalassa 2015

Ember Thalassa: where, when, how ?

The program for Ember Data team : 1 week in a dream setting in Greece, 2 luxurious villas surrounded by olive trees, panoramic view of the sea.
"This is an opportunity for them to spend one week in an idyllic setting in Greece, on the Lefkada island , where we provide them with 2 pool villas. After a successful first experience in 2015, it was found that in addition to rest and have fun in the end they find themselves in an environment that fosters creativity and can trade more efficiently. "
"The first official stable version of Ember Data was launched last year, during the first edition of the event Ember Thalassa."

Wecc, Tchak and Bmac
Tchak, Igort and Teddyzeenny

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